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Footwear Designer turned Artist | Illustrator | Designer posting all original art. Incurable love of wobbly lines, colour, repeat patterns and the ocean.
Please check out my bigcartel for originals and my Etsy Shop for prints of my originals.
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These very happy prints are available on my folksy shop.

Check them out! There’s lots more other fun stuff on there too :)

Splendid surprise to have just sold Ocean Dance :)

These LOVEly prints are up for grabs on my Etsy shop and my folksy shop.

I’m on one!



These delightful prints are now in the post en route to their new owners :)

These delightful prints are now in the post en route to their new owners :)

Hello folks,

I took a minute out to create a new print for y’all to see. This is available here on my Folksy or here on my Etsy

Happy Wednesday xx


I popped in to the lovely Furniture Magpie last week to hand over some more prints and talk ‘business’. Actually it was more all about Samantha’s new doggy friend called Gordon - he is the latest accessory in the shop!

I hadn’t yet seen my digital illustrations presented. Upon walking in the shop I spotted my work right as I walked in the door. Samantha has all sorts of furniture and bits and bobs for sale that she can use as display. I love the way she has used a ladder to show my work :D

I plan to have an exhibition in the Furniture Magpie workshop very soon.

Remember you can purchase my prints online here or here. Also remember I can personalise any of my prints for that extra special gift :) 



I was really contacted to ask to use my Dalai Lama quote illustration in a magazine article. The article is of course about Dalai Lama and his faith in people.

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow.”

The text is an interesting read. Find the online article here.

Great to be involved in such a wonderful subject!


I’m featured in the ‘Scandimania’ Folksy Weekly! Check it out here.


Happy Valentines Day xx

New ‘Flamingo Flutter’ print available here 

Words for the day xx

Oooh I’ve just opened a Folksy shop :D

I’ve been busy mounting my prints! The above are just a few of many examples.

They can all be found on my Etsy shop.

Happy Monday :)

I’ve finally designed some business cards!


Asker manaulana Asks:
I know I've told you this already, but I absolutely adore what you do! Your prints and illustrations are awesome! And so is your style, I love your work overall!
yeahsusanclaire yeahsusanclaire Said:

Hello! Thank you so very much. I appreciate your encouragement.
:D xx